Pallet end Table with Drawers


Tables are essential part of furniture. The size and use of tables vary. They can be a corner piece beside the bed, or a table to dine on. One of the types of tables is the pallet end table. End tables are smaller tables as compared to the usual domestic tables. They are typically squared shaped with or without the drawer and placed beside couches or armchairs. They can be used to place the decorative items and most often side lamps.

Use a saw to cut the ends. Separate the wood from the center support giving you 8 to 14 boards per pallet. Remove nails from the resultant planks. Choose the best pieces to get the required width.

Cut pieces according to your plan. Sand the cut parts to give a smooth look.

Create a drawer space just below the top board. A plywood piece would surely help the drawer to slide in and out comfortably.

A set of four planks lesser in height along with a plywood piece can make the drawer for the pallet end table.

Once the frames are done, assemble them with nail and glue. They should be attached to give a square shape.

Add horizontal planks to the frame with the help of nails and glue.

Assemble the leg parts for convenient support. They can be either glued or nailed.

Once all parts are done, get ready to give a final assembly. Assemble all parts together. Add legs and pins to the assemble body. Insert and glue the nails into the drilled holed. Slide in the drawer and here you go with your end table.

Keep your diy pallet end table beside your couch in the living room or your sofa in your guest room. The beauty can be multiplied if a floral vase or a nice lamp are placed on the table.

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