Beautiful Pallet Ceiling Ideas


I was thought we have lots wooden pallet decoration ideas share here but the main part of room decoration or home decoration is ceiling decoration of room or house. So i thought why we not try this wooden pallet for ceiling decoration with rustic reclaimed wooden pallet. But i have no idea how we can do this pallet wood use for ceiling decoration then i consult with some professional wood workers the tell me first we should made a base with ceiling where we can use some pallet frame with top skids then we can attach wooden pallet on these frame or may be we can put just skids with ceiling with out frame there two ways of decorated ceiling with wooden pallet now you can see in those what i am saying you can understand easily i think after seeing these plans.

beautiful pallet ciellingsource

You can see in the above picture how wooden pallet is set with ceiling you can see wooden pallet ceiling look how beautiful with ceiling decoration lights i think this is really amazing for room decoration.

pallet cielling ideassource

This most beautiful plan of pallet ceiling. Wooden material for decoration is little bit expansive but is quite fine and elegant in look. So we can make home ceiling decoration with rustic and old wooden pallet which will be more economical.

pallet cielling planssource

Beautiful ceiling is made with old wooden pallet skids as i talk above you can only pallet skids are you to make pallet ceiling without pallet frame. You can see in this picture how much beautiful ceiling.

wooden pallet ceillingsource

Beautiful ceiling light decorator this is the much better idea for ceiling decoration if you add some beautiful lights in ceiling there is no need decorate whole ceiling with wooden pallet you can put wooden pallet for ceiling specifically.

wooden pallet cielling ideassource
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