Do It Yourself Pallet Nightstand



A weathered Pallet, Nails, Screws, Glue, a piece of thin plywood, wood stain, Pry bar, Hammer, saw, Sander.

STEP 2: Break the pallet apart with the help of pry bar and hammer. The slats can be loosened by a chisel.

STEP 3: Cut the frame pieces, consisting of 10 (3×2 & 4×1) boards joined together by 2 ´rectangles`.

These boards are cut at 52 cm with the help of circular saw. Separate the boards into two parts, one to be used for sides and other part for the back. By keeping the boards side by side, measure the total

width to be used for the rectangle. The rectangle has four pieces of beams. The beams should be cut at right angle.

STEP 4: Assemble the rectangles after cutting is completed. The beams are 70 mm in thickness. A 12mm hole is drilled for screwing up. The rectangles should be squared and exactly similar. Clamp the pieces together on top of each other while screwing to confirm the same length once again.

STEP 5: Cut and sand the upper board.

STEP 7: Assemble the frame with nails or glue. Place the top board on the rectangular part. If the boards are little bigger sand them. Following this nail down the sides and back. Finally place the front board.

STEP 8: Glue plywood pieces to the interior of the frame, to make it slide easily.

STEP 9: Make a drawer using 5 pieces of wood and a 4mm plywood.

STEP 10: Make the shelf once drawers are done. Secure the even slats with screws.

STEP 12: To protect the wild paint it with transparent stain. Apply two layers of the stain.

The creation is ready to be used. The diy pallet nightstand can be an excellent accessory to be used in bedrooms or living rooms.

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