Beautiful and Trendy Pallet Wall Tree


Sometimes the leftovers can create beautiful creative pieces to be added to your decor. It just needs some creativity and a little sense of combining the things together in an artistic whole. The leftover wooden planks are called pallets. The first glance shows it to be a wooden waste but once assembled they can create amazing decorative items to eye catching pieces of furniture. It can give a nice rustic look to the walls and can be converted into shelves for facilitating the storage issue. Using pallets, the leftover wood is an eco-friendly and green thing to do. It is not just creating them but they can help in earning through creativity.

The pallet crafts can make the walls look beautiful and trendy. The simple planks can be turned into flowers, characters, words, kids fun stuff and trees. This kind of unique work adds glamour to the routine dull white walls. It gives a personalized look to the attire of your home. It reflects your personality through your art. It is a very convenient way to create something warm and cheerful for your home. The googling and other searches can be very useful in finding out several creative stuff out of the pallet. Once done these tasks can leave your friends speechless.

As Christmas is heading, a beautiful pallet Christmas wall tree can add to the festivity of the occasion. The planks thrown away as leftovers can add colours of your own love to Christmas.

The pallet wall tree can be crafted out as follows:

Stenciling: Create the stencil of the desired Christmas tree pattern. Select the place on your wall where it has to be placed. Take comparative measurements measurement proportionate to the actual measures of the wall. This proportionate measurement would give a really artistic look.

Pallet collection and organization: Once the planks are collected, they are amended according to the pattern created through the stencils. The planks are sawed their surface is smoothed out. If desired the branch part can be colored green and the stem in the colour of wood. The stem part has to be the longest as compared to the branch part of a Christmas tree. The branch lengths have to be adjusted so that when placed together they give a conical appearance like a Christmas tree.

Drilling: Look for the points to be joined on branches and stems. Also decide how to hang the tree to the wall. In case of free hanging, a loop may be attached. In case of fixing it to the wall, number of holes need to be drilled in.

Assembling: Once the plank pieces are arranged properly, the given colour has dried the tree has to be assembled with the help of nails and then hanged to its display location.

Decorating: The tree can be given decorative look by adding more art to it.

This is how you get creative by using few planks, nails, a drill machine or hammer. These simple things can make you a mastermind in yourself.

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