Pallet Desk Designs


To craft a desk you won’t need a large collection of materials only a few supplies including a large pallet with slats ( 2.4m long, 90x12mm approx) and some supporting timbers (75x35mm approx,

Drill/screwdriver, Screws of appropriate sizes, Saw, sandpaper, glue and a dustpan and brush. Dismantle pallet and remove all nails etc attached to the planks.

Decide for the length and width. Create 6 uprights and create 6 cross pieces then add to them 3 identical sections. Cut them according to the available size and the design plan.

Drill in through the uprights to fix them and attach the screws. Mounting one piece at the top of each, and the other little above ground level. Add the desk top and support.

Filling the gap in the wood is very important. Use glue to do so. This will help cove the gaps and hide the screws also.

After filling the wider gaps as best you can, and start sanding your structure for a cleaner and smoother look. The filling and sanding can be done whenever needed. The desktop needs more attention in this regard. Give a nice wash when you are done with both. A water based varnish will give a fine look to your pallet desk.

So here you go with your rustic but practical desk that looks great for a low cost and minimal new materials. The desk can be used for many purposes. Added with a chair it can be a study table for the comfort loving students. It can be a comfortable corner of your home library for the book lovers. The workaholics can have an added advantage by placing their computers to work on. A wooden pallet desk can be used for multi purposes but the price of making is negligible. If bright colors are added it can be a playful addition to your kids room also. It is simple yet elegant.

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