DIY Wood Pallet Lamp


We use wooden pallet through DIY ideas on different thing today we have a new idea which pallet Lamp. Lamp is so common household item which is mostly we buy from electronic store now you can make a lamp by yourself using rustic wooden pallet at your home here we have ideas about pallet lamp. You can Make a table lamp side table lamp hanging lamp wall lamp with recycling wood pallet. There is no need some extra equipments and much expertise in wood work or DIY. Just get some rustic pallet binned with glue use a cable and holder for a bulb in lamp and make a simple beautiful lamp for your house you can make this very simply and so easily.

So get ready for making a lamp and check in your store room for wood pallet. Hand Made lamp are much expensive if you can buy it from market so you can make this very easily at home. You can use a Pallet again the bulb on wall the light of bulb stick with Pallet and not come at you directly this is also a type of pallet lamp this is so simple way to make a lamp.

                   DIY Pallet Table Lamp:

DIY palletsource

                   DIY Pallet wood lamp:

Pallet big lampsource

                   DIY Pallet Hanging lamp:

hanging lampsource

                    Simple DIY Pallet lamp:

pallet lampsource

                    DIY Pallet Prescription Lamp:

Pallet Prescriptionsource
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