DIY Pallet Cooler Box Ideas


Wood is a material which heat resist if you wanted along time cooling of a thing you should covered it with wood pallet. Today we have an idea about Wooden Pallet cooler by using wooden pallet outside and inner side of cooler is may be plastic pan or box. we can make this a DIY pallet wooden cooler firstly we make a pallet box with wooden for covering the plastic box. you can use for wooden pallet box rustic wood of pallet which you can get very easily around your house or in the house.

You can use these Pallets for making a box according to size of plastic box or according to your need. Now you would be need a plastic box which made with hard and solid plastic. The plastic box is contains ice and your soda drink etc and the wooden box will help it cool for along time the wooden box resist from heat and contains inner side more cool for along time you ice will not melt quickly. The inner side temperature will in control this is so easy to make a DIY wooden cooler box for you. The box must had wooden legs with cooling box and stick wheal with these legs for moving this cooler now you can move it and carried it very easily. Enjoy a Pallet cooler our ideas be innovated and make your life so easy stay with us Pallet Furniture

                   Pallet cooler box for coke:

DIY pallet coolersource

                   DIY pallet cooler Box:

Pallet cooler diysource

                   Wooden pallet cooler diy:

Pallet coolersource

                   Pallet cooler for soda:

Wooden pallet cooler source

                   Pallet wood pallet cooler:

Wood pallet coolersource
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