Beautiful Pallet Wood Dresser


A dresser is an essential storage device required for homes. The sizes vary and so does the structure. The pallets can become an economic material for creating a useful piece of furniture. The dresser has to have enough space to accommodate enough material. The drawers are significant part of the dresser. The pallets can be used to create a dresser in following ways:

Design your dresser first. It can have full length drawers and can have those having right or left aligned drawers. This design will help you get appropriate sized planks. Opt for planks which can have a longer and durable life. Remove the pallets and sand them for a smoother look.

The top and bottom are to be constructed by putting the planks, close to each other hardly having any space between them. The closer they are the stronger they will be to hold the rest of the weight. Take appropriate height of your dresser and according to that create two sides and a back by gluing the planks to the hard board sheet and then fixing them together with the top and bottom with small nails.

Now between the top and bottom measure and then divide the height according to the number of drawers you need. The size of the drawer should be clear also. To hold the drawer place a thin piece of pallet in the place of drawer. Look into an actual dresser how drawers are created before you move ahead.

Create drawers according to the needed specifications, having a bottom nailed to four sides. The drawer knob can be created with a bead, a shell or just with a broader piece of plank.

Now when all parts are done, assemble them, place the drawers in their place.

Enjoy your personal craft.

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