Pallet Tree House


One the most liked fun times of any kid is sitting high above the ground in his pallet tree house. Tree houses are always considered as the secret hideout of a child, where he hides his secrets with his friends. The  buying of a tree house was always a question until the pallets entered the scene to take over the expensive building materials. So follow the given instructions and prepare a surprise for your child: Create a building map for your tree house. It should neither be too small to accommodate the kids nor too big to stay up safely. Select the most appropriate type of pallet wood which is durable and longer lasting. Adjust the size of the planks according to the measurements you require.

Prepare the frame of the structure of the house. Once the frame us done, start nailing the planks closer to each other without leaving the space in between. While adding the planks to the frame keep space for windows and door as per the architectural design. The door can be made out of planks. For the window pane the single plank cut into half can be used. The glass can either be purchased or some old pieces can be recycled. The doors and windows are attached with the help of hinges.

Once all pieces are in place, co-lour the house with weather protective shields. The pallet house can be extended to create the terrace. This can be done with the help of pallet wood. The accessories have to be fitted in for the decor of little tree house of your kids. Once all essentials done, get a helper, hang the house on the tree and give your kids a lovely surprise. Build your kids dream with your love by putting in use the pallets you have discarded long back.

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