Beautiful Pieces of Pallet Artwork


From floors to ceilings, from windows to doors, from wall art to large pieces of furniture all can be created with one simple material, the pallet. Peep into your junkyard, grab the pallets you had thrown away and create beautiful pieces of Pallet artwork. The simple yet trendy artworks can prove your skill as a great artist. So try your creativity and workout on the following pieces of pallet artwork:

1. A simple combo of few pallets, with a smooth top as workplace or a counter for your decorative s, the console table can add beauty to the corner of your living room.

2. A headboard attached to the wall, close to the bed you sleep on, can be a great source of satisfaction through art. Design it, create it, color it and give a personalized look to your bedroom.

3. A vertical garden creates an astounding small garden area in your home. The vertical racks store the natural green wonders in a compact way. The flowers if planted together can give the look of beautiful clusters of co-lours to be added to the nature loving homes.

4. Wine or glass racks can be created by combining a few wooden planks together. This can be a lovely addition to party decor especially when having a theme party like a one based on treasure island.

5. Deck cooler needs a hollow rectangle filled with ice, containing bottles of your favorite juices and beverages. The rustic look is an additional fun on your informal meals.

6. Clock to tick on your walls or beside your pallet bed. Cut out any shape of your planks, arrange them and add the clock kit to make a different pallet ideas of decor for your wall or table.

These are just few ideas. Be creative and turn trash to a smash.

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