Build a Dog House out of Pallet


Many families across the world have some special member in their homes like cat, dogs, rabbits etc. So they can protect them self in different season. You may have seen that many animal lovers put their beloved pets in their house and take care of them and in return the pet returns the favor by doing things for their master. They only want affection from the one they are with. Why not gift him something he will love to have. Many things are there to offer  to your pets like food and clothes.

A Dog’s pallet house is one of these things. They can be easily available at market. But isn’t a good idea to make your pets house with your hand at home with ease. Just you have to find equal size of the wooden pallets. The pallet so chosen, that their surface in neither rough nor chemically treated. Make the base first and it should not completely touch the ground a little bit higher from it, so that you can move it easily from one place to other. Now start building the walls of the house and remember to five proper vacant spaces in between so that the area for your pet would be proper and give him comfort.

You can also provide a small table like structure so that he can put his bowl or anything there. Window opening will add beauty to the house. Now most important part is the roof, you can do one thing that you can make open able roof by attaching a hinge to move the open and close the roof. Or you can also make the roof by two inclined peace of planks broad enough to cover the top of the house – i.e. in a hut shape.

Now you are done with your job.

They will enjoy this treat and will make you happy as well.

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