Wow I Want to Make DIY Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden For My Wall


If you are out of space and want a small garden inside your house then you should consider pallet vertical garden as soon as possible. Well pallet vertical garden is basically a stand which is made out of wooden pallets so that you can store your most favorite plants in to it and place it or hang it with any wall inside your house. It can add beauty to your house if you put it out of your house too. Finding pallet woods is not a hard thing to deal with as you can visit your nearest hardware store and ask for some pallets. But keep in mind you need some good condition pallets to make your vertical garden concept work. DIY pallet furniture is the best way to help you out in creating your own pallet vertical garden as it is fully loaded with different pallet ideas.

Instead of using plywood it will be good to consider attaching fabric at the back of your pallet vertical garden as it is the only way your plants can hang on your garden. At the time of planting it is always good to lay down your pallet vertical garden to first fill it with soil and then plant it with your favorite plants. Once your diy recycled pallet vertical garden is ready you can simply place it in your balcony, hang on the wall you want, or can place it out the main door of your house whereas people having their own backyard or garden can place it there. Pallet furniture is most preferable now-a-days but if you want love gardening then making your own pallet vertical garden is the best option you can go for. While planting beautiful flowering plants in your pallet vertical garden and placing it at the entrance of your house will be more attractive.

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