Wood Pallet Fence Designs


If you need to put up fence at out side of your house with out spending lot of money. Solution is very simple you can make the fence with wood pallet. You can make this by recycle the shipping wood pallets. These wood pallets you can get from a nearby store and easy to work with this because the pieces of pallets cut into uniform size. First of you need to decide the boundary around the house or yard or where you want to install the fence.

You can mark on the boundary. Mark the location where each piece of fence will post. Left the place for gate of fence. Decide how much height of fence. Then binned the pallet with two horizontally pallets one for bottom and second for top which grip the other vertical pallets which make a post of wooden pallet. You can color this according to your choice after digging this. This will make this more beautiful fence and paint will safe the wood from rain or sunny weather. If you want to save your hundreds of dollars and you want to install fence there is only one solution which is Wooden Pallet fence.

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