Rustic Pallet Wood Toilet Paper Roll Holder


Pallet projects have new and amazing ideas which serve in several ways at your home. If you want to make a Toilet paper roll holder for your toilet you can do this with old wooden pallet. You can do this very easily with old wooden pallet. Pallet projects are so amazing pallet lovers invent everyday a new pallet project which will serve the people who customize there household items by up cycled wood. So if you are a regular user of pallet this is something different and new for you rustic pallet wood ideas are so efficient in homes today. Many new things are add daily in home related pallet projects. You can use wooden pallet for home decor home furniture items wall divider or garden projects and outdoor furniture projects entertain with rustic pallet wood.

diy pallet toilet paper holdersource

This is a beautiful pallet toilet paper roll holder with a magazine. If you interested in reading magazine or new paper in toilet so there is the best idea for you can do this for you. You really enjoy this idea while reading paper or magazines.

diy pallet toilet paper holdersource

If you interested in this type of projects there is no more cut and measure involve just simple some skids and pieces of wooden pallet need to making a pallet toilet paper holder. Have you see in above picture how beautifully made this paper holder.

rustic pallet toilet paper holdersource

Very simple and cool pallet toilet paper holder these are very basic things which we buy from market but if we try to made this at our home we can done this very simply and easily. Just need some wooden pallet pieces and a paper holding stick.

diy pallet wood toilet paper holdersource
diy pallet toilet paper roll holdersource
diy pallet toilet paper holdersource
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