DIY Pallet and Mason Jar Light


DIY ideas and projects with recycled items are so fine. Specially home decor projects with recycled things are so cute because it will be different from the market decoration items for house. Today we come here with DIY pallet and mason jar light. There are two things involve for making lights decor in the house one is old wooden pallet and second is empty mason jar. Here a beautiful combination of two recycled things make some awesome decoration lights. You can see in below picture ideas of diy lights decor.

diy pallet mason jar lightingsource

You can see beautiful diy pallet and mason jar lightning. This is amazing ideas for home decoration with lights. This is really a beautiful pallet project with mason jar. If you want to start a lights project of diy i think is the best idea.

pallet wood mason jarsource

There is another beautiful lights decor with pallet and mason jar you can see in above picture the glass mason jar glow more with lights and make a beautiful light decor lamp with old wooden and mason jar.

diy pallet mason jar lightsource

One more amazing diy pallet with mason jar project in above picture you can see and i suggest you this idea for light decor of your home you should start a diy pallet light project in your home for making your home more beautiful.

pallet and mason jarsource
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