Amazing Recycled Wood Pallet Planter Ideas


Gardening is a hobby as well as necessity for every household and we are offering so many plant stands to offer to deal with your requirement. This recycled wood pallet stand accommodating sever planters. We can give add to its attraction by painting the front of every plotter with different colors. You can place it both inside and outside your cover place and grow different plants of your choice in a small and compact space. The good thing about these home made plant stands is that your can customize it your desired size and need with economy. This is simple to pallet craft plant stand which provides an added charm to your environment.

This recycled wood pallet planter stand is effortless and painless to craft because of its outline. We have crafted a simple stand and placed pot holders at our desired locations. We painted it light so that our plant dominate the background.

pallet ideas

If you have a space constraint garden then this wall planter stand allows you enough of space to grow your plants. We have created three planters in this stand at an adequate distance to let the flowers grow to their potential.

diy pallet planter

This pallet wall planter is a simple box made of retired diy recycled wood pallets in effortless manner. You can grow any number of plants in this one single box and place it at your required place. Economy of time and effort with up-most utility!

pallet wood planter

This conventional and orthodox wood pallet planter box pot gives your bigger plants more room to grow to their full potential. Its easier to place it at your desired place when you get bore from seeing it at the same spot every day.

wood pallet planter

Plants are source of oxygen and we should grow them in abundance with so ease and comfort of recycling old wood pallets to a different effect every time. This planter pot is also a very simple in its design but rich in its utility.

diy pallet planter

The wooden pallet planter box has been kept deep to give your fine pot a bigger look. We colored it red to gain more attention and attraction. The flowers of different colors will complement the color of this planter. An easy to craft task !

pallet planter box ideas

If you are left with very little space to grow your plants in your garden and your are waiting for some advise to grow more then you have reached the right place. Re-transformed wood pallet garden planter is big enough to allow you enough space.

planter box

This reclaimed wood pallet planter is a multipurpose item that gives your garden a new look. We have created a seat along with a planter and the rest/back of the seat is equipped with pot holders and a planter at the top of the stand to complete this wonderful project.

pallet wood planter

pallet planter

diy pallet planter

diy pallet planter

pallet planter

wooden pallet planter


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