10 Wood Pallet Vertical Garden on Your Wall


Having a small home without any kind of garden or backyard space is one of the greatest curses for those who love greenery around them. But as we all know there is much stuff which we can use to make it less expensive and affordable for us and among those things wooden pallets are best of its own kind. If you are excited about lush green garden and want to enjoy the beauty in summer, you can create your own pallet vertical wall garden. It will look attractive if you decorate wall of your home with vertical wall garden instead of paintings or other stuff you choose to hang out.

The recycled pallets can transform the garden space completely if you make use of pallets intelligently. Although it cost much less but can make great garden with beautiful herbs. The pallet garden is portable and looks very attractive. Very little space is required for planting and keeping vertical recycled pallet garden. They require proper care and can last for multiple seasons for various vegetables and plants. You can add plywood to the back of your pallets and adjust soil in it after which you can place plants in it or you can also use seeds but once you have done you can hang it out on the wall where you like to see it.

You can create amazing garden focal points with growing showy herbs and beautiful plants. The vertical gardens are great option as they keep the vegetables and plants protected from pest and diseases. They are cost efficient option for those who want to give their garden a new look. Get creative and try pallets for creating your new vertical garden right now. It can be a fun and easy project which you will love to do

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