Simple and Amazing Pallet Chair Plans


Chairs are the most essential part of seating. They are not just meany for giving a comfortable posture to the body but also add completeness to the furniture. The chairs come in various materials. The size and structures are different according to the use. The chairs come in different price ranges but the most economical is the one created out of the rejected planks. Here’s how you can create a splendid piece of pallet furniture. It is a simple yet amazing diy pallet chair piece of comfort. Now when you have the materials start your work:

1. Pallets are a commonly found material. Though discarded as a waste or junk, pallet is highly useful. The condition may vary from pallet to pallet. Scavenge for the best available planks. Find the cheapest pallet which you can use for most of the lumber. Prefer taking one that has thicker beams, strong enough to provide support to the furniture.

2. Dismantling a pallet is tricky. It’ s almost essential to break some beams carefully.

3. Measure and then group the beams according to thicknesses, widths and lengths.

4. By using the measurements draw the beams in Google Sketch Up. Give a proper shape to the virtual beams in the software. Keep the design as simple as possible to keep the transition between the digital model and the actual furniture is less troublesome.

5. Cut the actual ‘physical’ beams according to the virtual details. Now combine all parts according to the given virtual plan and get a seat to sit in. This pallet chair can be used indoors and outdoors both.

The wood pallet chair will add comfort to your life. The admiration you will get for creating this piece would make you further happy. The pallet wood chair of your choice, with your own effort and creativity. Have fun sitting!

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