Pallet Ideas for The Bathroom


Pallet serve us with beautiful and useful projects. As we talk pallet projects of garden pallet projects of office pallet projects of bar pallet projects of home theater and so many other projects are we discuss but Wooden pallet serve at those places which we ignore like bathroom. A question is arise how the wooden pallet serve us bathroom or how we can use wooden pallet with bathroom. You can see in below pictures how many projects are related with pallet and bathroom. If you need a towel rack in your bathroom you can use wooden pallet. If you need a shelve in bathroom for shampoo and soap. You can use pallet.

bathroom pallet shelfsource

A beautiful pallet shelve in bathroom shows in the above picture. You have no need to call for these small tasks of wood works you can do this with diy old wooden pallet by yourself. Some flowers and photos shows on these shelve for decoration purposes.

pallet wallsource

You can see a fence with bath tub made with rustic pallet wood. Are you interested in this type of projects.  You do these project at your home.  You can use these fence with bath tub pallet towel rack.

pallet bathroom shelvesource

Beautiful pallet shelf with vanity in bathroom you can made a very beautiful pallet shelf  for tooth brush toot paste and other accessories can be hold on shelf which you can use on vanity. You can never seen these ideas before this.

pallet wall bathroomsource

Pallet bathroom wall decor. If you going to decorate  the walls in the bath you can use rustic and old wooden pallet for this. You have been seen in the above picture a beautiful wall is decorate with reclaimed pallet wood.

pallet wall bathroomsource

DIY pallet for vanity is the best project in all project related with bathroom which was we discuss here. You can see a beautiful vanity set on wooden pallet bench. You can see how the wooden pallet cover this vanity in your bathroom.

diy pallet bathroom shelfsource

Beautiful and very simple diy pallet towel rack its very important bathroom associated items which is towel and you must have a bathroom towel rack. If you not have this in your bathroom you can made this with wooden pallet

pallet wall for bathroomsource

One more pallet bathroom wall decor ideas beautiful pallet use for wall decor.

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