Broken furniture also makes a headache for you in home interior design. But we cannot control it by applying several measures of caring and safety. We often cope with the broken furniture like tables chairs and mini wooden items. The problem is solved by DIY pallet ideas. Pallet furniture is used in many home designs with an assurance of quality safety and easy repair, this is the reason people use pallet furniture in their home plans.

This will be more reliable if you design pallet furniture for your home by your very own ideas and creations. Now you are  thinking is this possible? Yes!! You can design your home furniture by DIY pallet ideas. Now we going to discuss the making of pallet chair with DIY ideas. I get this ideas when my two month before purchased pallet chair got damage, I wish to design my own pallet chair and this lead to me of getting a handsome pallet project that is now proudly share to you.

DIY Pallet

Collection of DIY Pallet Wood

First I arrange some pallet wood from the market and then go to my workshop with him where I use my tools to complete my design.

DIY Pallet

The pallets are separated with great care so I get the least finest wood to make the wooden pallet chair.

Joining Pallets: The second step of Pallet Chair

Now I make a rough sketch and apply my ideas to the pallet furniture. This is the time when I really go to join the pallets to make a sketched diagram of pallet chair.

DIY Pallet DIY Pallet

Finalizing and Finishing of DIY Pallet Project

After the initial sketch is completed now is the time to finalize the project. By using grander tool I make fine the wood and make the project Final. Now I happy to see my own created pallet wooden chair that is a source of  joy and comfort for me.

DIY Pallet

DIY Pallet

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